Alexandria Grado -

Alexandria is from Arizona and has known she wanted to hair since she was young from playing with her dolls to all of her aunties hair. Even in high school, she was doing everyone's hair for special events and even haircuts and colors. She only took 1 week off after graduation before she started hair school. Alexandria has been a stylist for over 12 years and her first priority is her clients happiness, hence her motto "Do You Like or Do You Love It".

Ivana Molet -

Ivana is a Denver native that has always had a passion for hair & makeup. From putting barrett's into her Grandpa's hair to pestering her mom to do her makeup. Ivana has passion and drive in this industry that will propel her far into the future. Education has and always will be her priority.

Diana Diaz -

Diana has been in the industry for almost a year and is fascinated by all aspects of beauty. Even though she is young, she is very ambitious and dedicated to our clients. She loves everything we do as hairstylists and excited to learn many new things. She admires our vision and strive to follow through day in & day out.